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Exmouth is a coastal town in Australia, located about 450 km from Perth. You’ll have to rent a car or hire a driver for this one-day trip. Exmouth is a great destination for nature lovers and beachcombers alike. It’s home to the most extensive limestone reef system in Western Australia and it has plenty of beaches with clean water and white sand.


The Southern Right whales migrate to Exmouth during the winter months so you can catch them from land or on a whale watching tour. In addition to these attractions, here are some other things to do when you visit Exmouth!


The Southern Right Whales


Exmouth is home to the Southern Right Whale population. These whales migrate up to this area during the winter months, starting in April and migration ending in November. You can see them from land or on a boat tour!

If you choose to take a boat tour, be sure you book it ahead of time because seats fill up quickly. Whale watching tours are also an excellent way to get closer to nature and spot some killer whales while you’re at it!


Nature and Fun for the Whole Family

The town is full of life and there are plenty of parks. What better place to take the family than on a holiday break? One of the most popular parks is Parry Park, located at the end of the main street in Exmouth. There are lots of playgrounds for kids to explore, as well as trails for walking.


Parry Park is also home to some incredible pieces of public art including the “Euclid’s Window” by Libby Hart, which features 60 cast concrete columns that have been etched with images of people from around the world. The park is also famous for its annual Christmas Carols by Candlelight event, held each year on the first Saturday night in December.


If you have more time but no kids then head down to one of the many beaches! You can relax on a towel or walk along the shoreline exploring rocks and tidal pools. There are plenty of locals who rent out kayaks and other water sports equipment so be sure to check them out too!


Hiking at Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park is a beautiful place to visit. It’s home to tons of wildlife, including kangaroos and wallabies and the beaches boast clear waters and white sand. Hiking at Cape Le Grand National Park is a must-do activity for visitors!


Explore the town of Exmouth

There are plenty of shops in Exmouth, so you’ll never be bored. From boutique clothing stores to outdoor gear shops, you’ll find something perfect for your style. The town also has a large variety of bars and cafes, so if you need a break from the sun, head over for a coffee or beer.


Try the local cuisine


If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love this coastal town. The laid-back atmosphere makes it a perfect destination for a culinary adventure. Exmouth’s restaurant scene is diverse with plenty of cafes serving up everything from fresh seafood to vegan dishes.

To experience the local cuisine, make sure to stop by the Coastal Kitchen for an unforgettable meal. Try their famous scampi and chips or order one of their fresh fish dishes like grilled salmon with asparagus and lemon butter sauce. You can also try Lucky Lucky Takeaway for authentic Thai food or the Red Rooster Cafe for delicious Italian fare at a great price point.


Relax at a Spa

You’re on vacation, so it’s time for some relaxation. It might be really hot in Exmouth during the summer months, so head to one of the many spas around town.

There are quite a few spa options to choose from in this coastal town; you can even do an all-inclusive spa day tour if you’d like! Relaxing at a spa is a good way to escape city life and enjoy your holiday in Exmouth.



The local area offers many things to do for the whole family. If you are looking for some family fun, consider visiting Cape Le Grand National Park where you can hike and explore the natural beauty of the beach. And don’t forget to check out the Southern Right Whales!